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 Welcome to Spring-Break-Party.Com - the ultimate site for college students who, like us, just can't stop thinking about Spring Break all year long! Spring Break is the college student's ultimate dream vacation...an escape from reality... admittedly filled with beaches, endless nights of music, partying, sex, and anything but textbooks! Spring-Break-Party.Com is to the Internet what Daytona Beach and Cancun are to March and April --the most visited place by college students looking for a damn good time!  This site will show you where to go, how to get there inexpensively, and how to PARTY YOUR ASS OFF once you're knee-deep in sand and sun! The editors of this site make it a point to browse the 'net reviewing the best spring ideas, stories, packages, and deals around! Before you plan your trip---ask us if we have any extra information about where you want to go! We just might know something you don't! And if you don't find whatever information you're looking for, use the "contact us" button to send along your ideas, comments, and suggestions. We'll do whatever we can to help you get information to plan your next in-semester vacation.....!!!

The designers, editors, owners, and operators of Spring-Break-Party.Com shall have no liability for any claims or damages resulting from travel booked or taken as described here...

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