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  One of the things that makes spring break so fantastically amazing is that college students from around the United States (and elsewhere!) seem to be able to uniformly flock to the same hot spots each year. Cities like Daytona Beach, Florida are known for lighting up with college bikinis, sweat-covered muscles, and the flavors of zillions of college towns combined. As of this writing, here are some of the HOTTEST Spring Break spots known by college students around the U.S.A and elsewhere!! (Click any city to view info...):

  As anyone can plainly tell, most of the world's hottest locations for semester break are in Mexico! Perhaps this is because of Mexico's free-spirited rebellious atmosphere or, more obviously due to its beautiful beaches that we can all get to without spending a fortune or without having to fly across an ocean! South Padre Island is one of the fastest growing party spots near Mexico--now that Cancun is finally getting a bit "played out." Nevertheless, Daytona Beach holds strong--but worthwhile packages for D.B. are few and far between!places to go

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