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Spring Break Party - Free Site!
We cover spring break from front ... to back !!!

  Even though spring break is the BEST time of the school year to party, it's certainly not the only time! While we hate to admit it, we realize there are other issues out there concerning students! Below are links to other sites useful to anyone in college! Just remember to bookmark Spring-Break-Party.Com so you can always find your way back later on!

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Foreign-Student-Union.Com - An excellent site for foreign students - provides information on issues faced by those studying here (U.S.A) from abroad!

Keg Party Site - Keg-Party.Net is a funny site to read stories ... and to find information about college drinking; the safe and fun way!

College Freshmen Site - At CollegeFreshmen.Net, newbies to the college scene can find information, tips, and advice re: getting through that first, painful year!

College Seniors Site - CollegeSeniors.Net has alot in common with the site above but obviously...it's geared towards seniors instead!

College Student's Survival Guide - Here, you'll find a comical look at some of the most common issues faced by college student's today! 

Roomates! - CollegeRoomates.Net is a site for information and humor about on and off-campus college roommates!

TheSemester.Com - This site breaks down the semester into the first day of class, mid-terms, and finals. Provides useful information and tips for studying!

Sorority & Fraternity Info - At GreekSpot.Com, college students can find information on individual Greek organizations as well as on rushing, pledging, & more!

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