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  Those who haven't experienced Spring Break in Cancun as of yet [if there are any such people left on Earth!] would think that Acapulco's nightlife and party scenes were among the most amazing things this world has to offer college students. And while Acapulco is definitely alot of fun, it's a bit more reserved and calm than Cancun. Acapulco has a richer history and is visited by wealthy people from all over--in addition to the Spring Break crowd. If you've already been to Cancun or, if you need a vacation that offers relaxation along with the "option to party," Acapulco is the place for YOU! The city's current weather forecast can be viewed by clicking HERE and a list of hotels in the area can be found HERE!

  One thing about the Bahamas: It's not known for Spring Break-- even though it does certainly qualify as one of the world's hottest spots to visit during that gap in the spring semester we all long for! Whereas Cancun and Daytona Beach are associated with college vacations, The Bahamas represents a well-visited region for tourists of all kinds. College girls tend to like the Bahamas more than college men but almost everyone is at least satisfied in some respect with their sunny vacations in the Atlantic! Click Here for the current weather forecast in this region or Click Here for a list of hotels in the Bahamas...

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